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Li Dehang

Master Student NUS MSE

Ivan Joel You Wen Jie

NUS High School Research Student

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Rashika Parveen

Internship Student

Tan Xian Yi

Scientist (Research Fellow)

Solco Samantha Faye Duran

Specialist (Research Officer)

Samuel Lim Wei Yang

Specialist (Research Officer)

Dr. Zhang Danwei

Scientist (Research Fellow)

Dr. Ady Suwardi

Deputy Head of Department

Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR

Adj. Asst. Prof.

Materials Science and Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Ady Suwardi received his PhD from University of Cambridge, U.K., and B.Eng from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He is currently an Adj. Asst. Prof. in National University of Singapore (NUS), department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). He is also a group leader in A*STAR, Singapore. His main research area focuses on fundamental thermal and electronic properties of sustainable energy materials, as well as their manufacturing and device applications. He has published a total of >80 papers, with >30 corresponding/first authored papers in prestigious journals such as Nature Electronics, Advanced Materials, ACS Energy Letters, and Nano Energy. He has h-index of 28, and FWCI (2019-2022) of 2.50. For his research works, he was awarded Nanoscale Emerging Investigator 2022, Journal of Materials Chemistry A Emerging Investigator 2022, and winner of EU-ASEAN Youth Sustainable Project Competition 2022. In terms of academic services, he currently serves as early career editorial board in Materials Today Energy and Youth editorial board in Soft Science. He has also served as the referee for >150 articles in >30 peer-reviewed journals including prestigious journals such as Science, Advanced Energy Materials, Angewandte Chemie, and Advanced Functional Materials. He is also the recipient of outstanding reviewer award from Journal of Materials Chemistry A in 2020. Beyond academics, he is also a recipient of 2 Singapore National Awards from the Prime Minister Office and Government Gazette for his technical contributions during the COVID-19.

Group Members

Group Leader

Natalie Ngoh

A*STAR summer attachment

Guo Jingchun

Master Student NUS MSE

Xie Mingkun

Master Student NUS MSE

Zhao Jingtian

Master Student NUS MSE

Zhang Lingwei

Master Student NUS MSE

Sia Seng Ann

Internship + FYP Student

Zhang Qianying

Master Student NUS MSE

Anna Ramesh Babu Nagarajan

Master Student NUS MSE

Sophie Guillemot

PhD Student (ARAP)
University of Manchester

Group Photos

Jay Ramiah

Internship Student

Kıvanç Sağlık

PhD Student (SINGA)

Genevieve Lim

Internship Student

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